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1) I am a new user. How can I login to the Nihon Kairali Portal?

You should create a member account. Type a valid email address and the
password of your choice, in the appropriate columns. Then click the
Register link. You will be automatically logged into the system.


2) I am an existing user, How can I Login to the Nihon Kairali Portal?

 You can login using the email address that you have supplied at the time of account creation. The email address should be a valid email address. If the email address is found as a bad email address, your account will be disabled immediately. 


3) Which all are the Browsers the Portal is best Viewed?

The Portal is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5 and above / FireFox 1.0 and above/ NetScape 6 and above


4) How can I submit articles to the Nihon Kairali Portal?

Articles can be submitted by emailing the contents to the web master at


5) Can I submit articles in Malayalam?

Yes you can submit articles in Malayalam. Either you can provide the contents as an image containing the article data or you can provide the data in malayalam font.


6) If we are writing articles in Malayalam, Which font we should choose?

manorama, thoolika, chowara, MLTT-karthika are the preferred font for Malayalam. Varamozhi the so called Malayalam editor can be downloaded from here


7) Is the external news displayed in the site updated at real time?

Yes. The news is direclty linked from news sites like rediff, Times of India etc


8) Some times I see the message "You are not authorised to access this screen or your session has expired. You should be logged into access this feature. Please login and try again." Why is this message coming?

This message comes if you try to access a screen that needs a member login. All the screens except the Home page can be viewed only after logging in. This is implemented so as to provide security to the data in our site.


9) How can I see the Nihon Kairali Member details?

This can be viewed by clicking the link Members after you are logged in


10) The links under News/Events/Articles are not enabled some times. Why is this occuring?

You should login to access most of the links


11) Can I use HTML in my articles?

That depends on whether the webmaster allows you to;you will probably find only certain tags work. This is a safety feature to prevent people from abusing the portal by using tags which may destroy the layout or cause other problems.