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Dial 119 to Call the Fire or Ambulance Department

by Sreekumar B.A on 10/28/2009 | Comments | Viewed 3027 time(s)
Call the Fire Department to report a fire or to request an ambulance for serious illness or injury. Dial 119 without an area code.

1. Briefly describe what has happened.

Example: There is a fire. = Kaji desu.

We need an ambulance. = Kyukyusha o onegai shimasu.

2. Give the location of the incident. (Same as for dialing 110 shown above)
In case of fire: Explain what is burning, the floor level, and describe the situation.
When calling for an ambulance: Carefully give the address and describe the way to the location and the patient’s condition as much as possible

3. Give your name. (Same as for dialing 110 shown above)

4. What to do until the ambulance arrives

If you are at home and requesting an ambulance, have your health insurance card ready. When you hear the siren of the approaching ambulance, have someone in the family go out and direct the ambulance to your home. Keep accompanying family members to a minimum. If you have a regular hospital or one that you have already made arrangements with, you should tell the ambulance immediately. (Both the Police and Fire Departments have staff members who can speak English.)