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What's New in Nihonkairali

Last Updated : 2009 May

1. Added new section called Did you know?

2. New items added in News section

3. New online poll called "What do you think is the all time best Kerala Chief Minister?" added

Last Updated : 2009 March

1. Nihonkairali website re-designed with new look and feel

2. Categorised view of Articles, News, Announcements, Videos

3. Introduced Nihonkairali Videos - This will mainly deliver the Nihonkairali event videos

4. Introduced Nihonkairali Discussion forum - Members can now discuss on the available forums

5. Users will be able to comment on the articles

6. Users can filter articles/news easily using categories

7. Member details available in list view and grid view

8. Member can now upload a photograph through my account and that will be displayed in the members list (you can do it through myaccount>Edit remember to check the Show photo in profile checkbox )

9. Introduced Website Poll functions

10. Recent Videos, Galleries, Most viewed articles, news are now displayed in the Home page in tabbed views

11. Introduced Useful menu on the top navigation. This contains News, Entertainment news, Cricket news, Receipe details that are updated through RSS feeds

12. Kerala and Japan news displayed in Home page

13. Nihonkairali Statistics shown in Home page