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About Nihonkairali

Nihonkairali serves as a platform for Keralites living in Japan for holding social events, bringing together its people and offering support and help to each other for a comfortable life in Japan.

Established a couple of decades ago with a small group of approximately 20 members, has now grown into an organization with more than 1000 members.

Blessed with this innate sense of togetherness, Nihonkairali, the Japan malayali community, aims at curtailing any cultural and social alienation of Japanese malayalis. The main objective of this organization is to provide a non-political forum to bring together the Japanese malayalee community and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition and way of life.

The main activities of Nihonkairali include organising cultural programs, family get-together, picnics and celebrating major festivals of Kerala.

Nihon Kairali activities are coordinated and managed by Overall Operations Team selected by Nihon Kairali members.

Current Overall Operations Team members are:

  1. Ajay Peethambaran
  2. Biju Narayanan
  3. Deepa Sreekumar
  4. Midhun Peringeth
  5. Praveena Ramanan
  6. Reshmi Joby
  7. Saju MP Nair
  8. Samantha Suraj
  9. Seeja Prasad
  10. Shailesh Nair
  11. Sreenath Maniyappan

Please contact Overall Operations Team for any enquiries.