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A guideline for Indians who wish to come to japan in the perspective of mitigating recruitment and visa frauds

by Webmaster on 8/2/2020 | Comments | Viewed 1580 time(s) | Full Page View

Purpose of this guideline is giving proper information relating to recruitment, visa and jobs so that job seekers in India can minimize the risks of falling to fraud offers and can enlighten themselves with the right information.

There are reports of misrepresentation of work opportunities by both Japanese companies and overseas businesses with branches in Japan. Some travelers to Japan have reported both physical and sexual assault, lack of pay and contract violations in addition to intimidation tactics related to their employment situation. This guideline is created for job seekers who are planning to come to Japan from overseas.

Click below links to read the full document 

English version 

Malayalam version 

Nihon Kairali is a Non Profit Organization based in Japan which has been acting as a platform for Keralites in Japan for the last 34 Years. Nihon Kairali is not involved in any kind of recruitment and profit making business. The role of Nihon Kairali here is acting as an information provider for the benefit of job seekers.

Nihon Kairalis intention is to assist decision making for job seekers and has no responsibilities in recruitment, visa and further procedures for relocating to Japan.