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Announcement of Online Event - "NK Showtime - Talent Unlocked" on May 23rd - An online live streaming event

by Webmaster on 4/18/2020 | Comments | Viewed 1523 time(s) | Full Page View
NihonKairali is proud to announce "NK Showtime - Talent Unlocked" - an online streaming event on YouTube on May 23, 2020 at 6PM.
This will be a rare and unique platform for Malayalees in Japan to unlock their talent - the only limits are imagination and social distancing. To participate, all you need to do is create a video of dance, song, comedy, or even reading short stories and send it to us by May 13, 2020.
Register your participation here →
Important things to remember.
• Only one program per person
• No participation fee
• Deadline for registration: May 1st, 2020 (9 PM JST)
• Deadline for content submission: May 13th, 2020 (9 PM JST)
• YouTube Broadcast Date: May 23rd, 2020 (6 PM JST)
Things you should know.
Q1. Why are we doing this?
A1. The last few weeks has been difficult for everyone. We miss our friends, family, and community. We hope this event can help lift our spirits and bring the Malayalee community in Japan close.
Q2.What will happen during the online event?
A2. The videos received will be compiled and streamed as a live broadcast on YouTube.
Q3. Who can participate?
A3. Only Keralites based in Japan.
Q4. I'm a Keralite based in Japan, but currently in India. Can I participate?
A4. Yes, you can participate.
Q5. How do I participate?
A5. Submit your interest in participation via this link ( You can submit as an individual, family or group.
Q6. What are the criteria for submissions?
A6. In order to make this a fresh and memorable event for everyone, here are some rules to keep in mind:
1. Maintain social distance but be creative with the video. Here's an excellent example of a short film created under lockdown
2. Video from a single household- 4 minutes (max). Video from a multiple households - 7 minutes (max).
3. Videos to be submitted as a single file (in Full HD or 4K formats).
4. One entry per person.
5. No previously created content should be submitted (online or offline, like TikTok, YouTube, etc.). Created content should also not be submitted on online/offline video before the event.
6. There should be creativity in the video - avoid plagiarism.
7. Content should be family appropriate.
Q7. How to submit the video file?
A7. Please click here for details This includes guidelines for video file formats and quality.
Q8. Are there any prizes?
A8. This is a talent show rather than a competition. We will be giving participation certificates (E-Certificates).
Q9. Can I volunteer?
A9. Send us a message on WhatsApp or an email at on how you can help. We will be in touch with you. We are doing this for the first time so look forward to your support and encouragement.
Q10. Is there sponsorship for this event?
A10. We are actively seeking sponsorship. Please reach us at if you or your business is interested in sponsoring this event.
Look forward to your support and participation in making this event a grand success.