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UTSAV 2018 - Updates and Announcements - Please read

by Webmaster on 5/16/2018 | Comments | Viewed 1191 time(s) | Full Page View
Dear All,
We are just few days away from NIHONKAIRALI UTSAV 2018, the talent show for Nihonkairali members. The organizing committee is working really hard on planning and arranging everything needed for the smooth conducting of the event.   
We have few announcements as below 
1. Audio Tracks - Please submit the audio files of your program to on or before May 23rd. Please note that submitting the file is mandatory as the audio management team will be preparing audio tracks beforehand and testing the same for quality.
2. Drawing/Origami submission - Please submit the drawing to any of the volunteers mentioned in the program rules and guidelines document (click here). In case you are not able to submit, please bring the same to the Kasai civic hall before 9:30 am on May 27th 
3. Payment of Participation Fee - Please pay the participation fee of 1000 JPY per participant (for On-stage programs only) to any of the below volunteers 
Resmi Joby, Sandhya Jan, Deepa Sreekumar, Neena Sakthi
Nihonkairali encourages participants to make payment to the volunteers. 
Those who are not able to pay to the volunteers are requested to pay to the Nihonkairali team at Kasai Hall lobby by 9:30 am on May 27th  
4.  Register your attendance on May 27th - Requesting all participants to register your attendance by 9:30 AM at the Kasai hall lobby. We will publish the Program schedule by around 9:45 AM over email and also in Nihonkairali Facebook page. 
5. Lunch Registration (Deadline on May 24th
6. Snacks Registration  (Deadline on May 24th  
For managing the quantity efficiently and to avoid food wastage, please note that lunch, snacks are available only to those who register the same using the forms above!! Please register ASAP !!
Payment for Lunch and snacks will be collected at the lobby on May 27th and food coupons will be issued.
7. Rules and guidelines - Please click here to read the general guidelines, rules, and instructions
8. Requesting a full day participation to cheer the participants: This event is a platform for all of our members and the performing participants will need a lot of support from all of us. We kindly request everyone to spare one day from your busy schedules and give a big hand to all the participants, especially our young children! Kindly avoid leaving the event once your performance is over. All participants need support from everyone from the 1st program to the last program. Please support by being present and encouraging the participants. 
9. Participation prize - All participants will be awarded a participation prize after the conclusion of the programs. Please ensure all of you collect it. 
10.  You are welcome to invite your friends to the programs and food. Please make sure the counts are registered for the lunch and snacks through the respective forms
In case of any questions please contact 
Looking forward to welcoming all of you to the UTSAV 2018 event !!