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TEPCO aiming to avoid power shortage in summer

by Webmaster on 4/20/2011 | Comments | Viewed 4970 time(s) | Full Page View

Tokyo Electric Power Co may be able to avoid an anticipated shortage of electricity this summer as it will aim to increase its maximum power supply capacity to around 55 million kilowatts from the previously planned 52 million kilowatts, Executive Vice President Takashi Fujimoto said Wednesday.

In addition to restored capacity at some thermal power plants damaged by the March 11 earthquake, the utility plans to make up for part of the capacity lost at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant by making greater use of pump-storage hydroelectric plants, buying power from other companies and restarting idled facilities, Fujimoto said.

TEPCO is projecting this summer’s maximum demand for electricity at 55 million kilowatts.

‘‘We want to avoid (implementing) rolling blackouts in summer’’ as the utility did for two weeks in March, Fujimoto said.

TEPCO plans to purchase electricity generated by companies other than electric power utilities and speed up restoration of the quake-damaged thermal plant in the town of Hirono, Fukushima Prefecture.

It also expects gas turbine-based power production to generate 100,000 kilowatts, according to Fujimoto.

The increase in capacity, along with power-saving efforts by corporations and households, may still not be enough to meet peak demand, which exceeded 60 million kilowatts during last year’s record heat wave.

The government is considering ordering large corporate users to curb their power consumption by 25% from peak demand last summer and smaller ones by 20%, while asking households to voluntarily reduce electricity use by 15 to 20%.