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VISA and Entering Japan FAQ

by Sreekumar BA on 7/13/2006 | Comments | Viewed 6895 time(s) | Full Page View

Why Are Visas Necessary?
In principle, foreigners wishing to enter Japan (with the exception of shipping and airline crews) are required to apply at an overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment (embassy or consulate) for a visa to be stamped in or attached to their passport valid for travel to Japan.

Under Japan's Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act (hereafter referred to as the Immigration Control Act), it is stipulated that any foreigner wishing to enter or land in Japan must possess a valid passport and a visa obtained from an embassy or consulate. In other words, when foreigners apply to an Immigration Inspector (immigration officer) at a port of entry or departure (hereafter referred to as a port of entry) of an airport or seaport for an examination for landing, one of the conditions that they must meet is possession of a valid visa.

Accordingly, if a foreigner does not possess the necessary visa, in principle he or she is not granted permission to enter Japan.

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