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New Japanese Immigration Procedure(Automated Gates)

by Shyam on 11/22/2007 | Comments | Viewed 4497 time(s) | Full Page View
The following system has been introduced to expedite passport control for re-entry permit holders. Additional provisions that allow for re-entry permit holders to use automated gates by pre-registering is now available at the Narita Airport by the Ministry of Justice in Japan. However, If you would like to do in the same procedure as the past (but requires to take a facial photograph and fingerprints as new procedure), you do not need to pre-register into this new system.

For more information, please refer to the attached guidance by TGA.

Key points: -

  • There will be a separate lane for re-entry permit holders at passport control at the airport.
  • The registration times are 9:00~17:00 at Narita airport, and weekdays 9:00~16:00 at the Immigration Bureau.
  • While there is no age limit for using automated gates, fingerprints of children younger than 12 are still unstable. They may not be authenticated at the gate even if they register.
  • Mixed nationality families with one Japanese parent and children under 16 years of age traveling together may use the Japanese lane. 
  • Application Form for User Registration of the Automated Gates" and the official "Users' Guide to the Automated Gates" have been released from the Immigration Bureau.

Application form :

User's Guide: