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Useful Phone Numbers in Japan

by Sreedharan Adukkadukkam on 2/14/2005 | Comments | Viewed 3555 time(s) | Full Page View
NTT Information Service (in English) 0120-364463

Inquiries (English, free of charge): Dial the following inquiry number.

      KDDI 0077-777

      Japan Telecom 0088-41

      Cable & Wireless IDC 0066-11

      NTT Communications 0120-506-506

      Powered Com (Tokyo Denwa) 0081-151

Lost and Found (in Japanese)

      Metropolitan Police Lost and Found Office 03-3814-4151

      Tokyo Taxi Center (for receiving complaints) 03-3648-0300

      Narita Airport (Terminal No.1) 0476-32-2105

      Narita Airport (Terminal No.2) 0476-34-5220

      Haneda Airport (for items left in lobbies, restrooms, or other airport facilities) 03-5757-8107

      JR Tokyo Station 03-3231-1880

      JR Ueno Station 03-3841-8069

      JR Shinjuku Station 03-3354-4019

      Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. 03-3834-5577

      Toei Subway and Buses 03-3812-2011


Calls to Shinkansen Bullet Trains 107

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) Flight Information 03-5757-8111

New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) Flight Information 0476-34-5000

Tokyo City Air Terminal Information 03-3665-7111

JR East InfoLine(in English, Chinese and Korean) 03-3423-0111

Keisei Electric railway (Keisei Skyliner)(in English, Japanese) 03-3831-0131

TCAT Limousine Bus Reservation Center 03-3665-7220

International Telegrams(KDDI) 0053-519 or 0120-44-5124

Postal Information Service (in English) 03-5472-5851/2

Japan National Tourist Organization JINTO Tourist Information Center (in English, etc.) 03-3201-3331

Culture Shock, Isolation, and Getting Burned--Just 10 years ago in Japan there were few westerners outside the big cities. Now there are mobs of them everywhere. Even so, if you're new here, there may be times that you feel out of it, or have a problem that you just can't solve by yourself. But you don't have to feel helpless if you have a medical problem or your employer screws you over. There are now many associations that can help you. Here are a few valuable phone numbers to remember in Japan(most in the Tokyo area).

Important phone numbers in Japan

Japan Nat'l Tourist Organization--Tourist Info Ctr. 3502-1461

Japan Helpline (24 hrs, toll free in Japan) 0120-46-1997

Immigration Japan--Tokyo Immigration Info Ctr. (M-F (9:30-12,1-4:30PM) 3213-8523

American Ctr. (Tokyo) 3436-0901

Tokyo Medical Info Service 35285-8181

Relief Ctr. for Human Rights 3581-2302

TELL Community Counseling Service (Mon-Fri) 5721-4455

HELP-Asian Women's Shelter 3368-8855

Tokyo English Lifeline 5721-4347

Arusa No Kai (Nagoya) 052-935-9448

Asian Friend (Osaka) 06-634-2127

LAAF (Fukuoka) 092-716-0577

Komustaka (Kumamoto) 096-352-3030