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Kerala Flood Support Collection Drive - Updates as on 8/27

by Webmaster on 8/27/2018 | Comments | Viewed 4249 time(s) | Full Page View
We like to update you regarding the Kerala Flood Support Collection drive organized by Nihonkairali and SAS-CARE.
We are extremely happy to see the number of people, organizations, associations in Japan coming forward to support this initiative.
Together we can !! Together we can rebuild Kerala !! Yes that's exactly whats happening all over the world now.
Nihonkairali-SAS CARE Stage 1 - Collection drive completed on 20th August 2018 and successfully transferred the money to Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund on August 27th.
Total Amount of fund collected as on Aug 20 : 4,218,514 JPY (INR 2,636,625)
Number of people contributed : 314
We received contributions from all over Japan !!
Nihonkairali and SAS CARE sincerely thank all of you and family for the generous support !!
Please find the remittance letter from SBI Japan below

Stage 2 collection drive is on and we already started receiving funds. Stage 2 collection will be partially used to support direct request from Kerala to support huge cleaning and rebuilding tasks apart from buying food, water, clothes, medicines etc and partially to support sending funds to Chief Ministers Relief Fund. Any fund used for other activities than CM Relief Fund will go through strict guidelines that will be published soon on Nihonkairali Website.

Please use below Bank details in case you are transferring by Bank. Please mention your name in the bank transfer so we know who supported. 
Nihon Kairali Bank Account details as below 
Name: ニホンカイラリ (Nihon Kairali)
Type: 普通 (Ordinary)
Account No.: 4172408
779 is the branch code
Bank: Resona Bank
Branch: Higashi Kurume

名称: ニホンカイラリ (Nihon Kairali)
口座タイプ: 普通 (Ordinary)
口座番号: 4172408
支店コード: 779
銀行名称: りそな銀 (Resona bank)
支店名: 東久留米