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Sending Money Overseas

by BJ Varghese on 2/7/2005 | Comments | Viewed 3531 time(s) | Full Page View

It is possible to transfer money overseas from banks and post offices. To use such services you will need to present some form of personal identification, such as a copy of the original text of your foreign resident registration card, Certificate of Completion of Foreign Resident Registration (limited to cases of remitting amounts of ¥2 million or less), foreign resident registration card passport or driver's license.

  • Sending Money from a Bank
    Banks offer three types of overseas remittance:
    1. Telegraphic Transfer
      This is the fastest method of sending money. Notification of the transfer is sent electronically (by "telegraph") and the party that requests the transfer usually bears the cost of the transfer and any handling charges.
    2. Ordinary Transfer
      With ordinary transfers, notification of the transfer is done by airmail.
    3. Demand Draft
      A demand draft is like a check for a specified value that is purchased at a bank and mailed directly to the recipient, who can then cash it through a bank.
  • Sending Money from a Post Office
    International remittance is a service offered at all post offices handling savings deposit accounts (excluding post offices which only provide mailing services). Although it is possible to send money to any of approximately 85 countries and 12 regions in the world, the number of countries to which telegraphic transfers can be made is limited.

    There are three methods of sending money:
    1. Sending money directly to a person's address.
    2. Sending money to a person's postal book transfer savings.
    3. Sending money to a person's bank account (19 countries and 2 regions).

For more information concerning sending money overseas (for English guidance):
Contact the Customer Advisory Office,
Tel: 0120-085420
(Mondays through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)