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Dial 110 to Call the Police Department

by Sreekumar B.A on 10/28/2009 | Comments | Viewed 3013 time(s) | Full Page View
Call the Police Department to report a crime, theft or traffic accident. Dial 110 without an area code.

1. Briefly describe what has happened.

Example: There has been a robbery. = Dorobo desu.
There has been a traffic accident. = Jiko desu.

2. Give the location of the incident.

Example: 1-4-1 Chuo = Chuo ichi no yon no ichi.
(In Japanese, the town name is given first, followed by the banchi number.)

3. Give your name.
Example: My name is XXX. = Namae wa XXX desu.
* If your bankbook or cash card was stolen, you should also contact the financial institution of issue immediately to stop payment.