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Supplementary income payments from government

by Jishad Abubacker on 3/25/2009 | Comments | Viewed 3743 time(s) | Full Page View
Information regarding Supplementary income payment from Govt. follows.

Japanese Nationals and foreign nationals who have completed the alien registration procedure by the cut-off date February 1st 2009 are eligible to receive a supplementary income payment (except for illegal immigrants and temporary visitor status of residence)
Once applicant form arrives by mail, please go through with the application process to receive your payment.
Payment amount
Each individual eligible for payment will receive 12,000 yen
The payment amount for individuals 18 and under, as well as for those who are 65 and older is 20,000 yen per person.


Carried out via Bank Transfer

Application Procedures

The city hall (ward office) will send out supplementary income payment applications to all those who are eligible.

Once you receive the application, please fill it out and send it in

For more information about this process, please call to your city hall.

According to the city hall,  the application will send to your place by the early april, and will be received at the end of month April or early May.

Edogawa city,

Information for Hachioji city
free dial:   0120-807-002

Yokohama telephone:   045-330-7222, 045-222-1209 

Kuki city telephone : 0480-22-1111(3 persons)