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Living in Japan

  • Living in Japan and Indian IT scenario
  • on 4/4/2006
  • Jyabora, a Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Ken based NPO which focuses on Japanese language training recently conducted (1st of April, 2006) a session focusing on Indians living in and around the area. Krishnamoorthy Raman and Prasanth Pooyath, both mallu's based in Hamamatsu did a presentation in Japanese on "Living in Japan" and "Indian IT scenario".

  • Helping new arrivals from India find their feet
  • on 1/15/2006
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Visa and Immigration

  • Immigration office Tokyo
  • on 7/13/2006
  • On July 2, 1990, the Ministry of Justice opened the "Immigration Information Center" in the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau. The Center provides consulting and information services on immigration procedures.If you need assistance on immigration matters, visit or call the new "Immigration Information Center"

  • VISA and Entering Japan FAQ
  • on 7/13/2006
  • Why Are Visas Necessary?
    In principle, foreigners wishing to enter Japan (with the exception of shipping and airline crews) are required to apply at an overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment (embassy or consulate) for a visa to be stamped in or attached to their passport valid for travel to Japan.

  • Requirements for Applying new born baby's passport
  • on 1/31/2006
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  • Necessary documents for bringing Temporary visitor
  • on 1/31/2006
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