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Living in Japan

  • Giving birth, having a baby in Japan
  • on 12/15/2004
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  • Tips for newcomers
  • on 12/13/2004
  • Moving to Japan and establishing a life here isn't easy. Even Japanese people returning from abroad struggle to readjust. If you are coming with an organization or to work in a specific company, then communicate carefully in advance. How will you get from the airport to your first destination? Will someone meet you? If you don't speak Japanese or already know the transportation system, have someone meet you or provide very detailed instructions. Once you have your feet on the ground, know how and when you will get your Alien Registration Card and arrange for National Health Insurance (if needed). Unless your housing is being provided, you will almost certainly need urgent help in this area. Get all the help that you can, because you'll need it. People who help you may have to invest significant time and money. They'll understand this better than you, but they may have a hard time saying "no." Consider the strength of your relationship before you through yourself in someone's arms.


Visa and Immigration

  • An intro to Japanese visas
  • on 12/14/2004
  • Below is a basic introduction of the Japanese immigration system. Please contact your closest Japanese embassy or consulate to make sure that you have all the required documents before traveling to Japan.