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  • The truth about earning in dollars!
  • on 4/15/2005
  • There are two ways to look at a foreign salary -- the Catholic and the Protestant.

    The first is characterised by a missionary zeal to convert using the rupees-multiplied-by-43.8-times formula ingrained in every self-respecting Indian head.

  • Credit cards come with some caveats
  • on 3/15/2005
  • Although it is certainly not impossible to receive a credit card as a foreigner living in Japan, chances are that unless you're working for a major Japanese company that is prepared to provide you with a family card, you're probably going to be rejected far more often than you might be at home.

  • Sending Money Overseas
  • on 2/7/2005
  • It is possible to transfer money overseas from banks and post offices. To use such services you will need to present some form of personal identification, such as a copy of the original text of